Wäiss Trophy

5. Wäiss Trophy – Een Dag fir Ären Hond

Date: 27.05.2018

Judge: Paul Jentgen (L)

Location: Berdorf, Luxembourg

Entry: 08h30

Beginning of the judgement: 10h00

Entry Deadline: 14.05.2018

CACL and Luxembourg Junior/Veteran champion attribution

5. Wäiss Trophy BOB
5. Wäiss Trophy Best Female
5. Wäiss Trophy Best Male
5. Wäiss Trophy Best Junior
5. Wäiss Trophy Best Veteran
5. Wäiss Trophy Best Minor Puppy
5. Wäiss Trophy Best Puppy

1 inscription = 1 coffee + 1 french croissant


We are really proud to welcome you for the fifth special breed club show for white swiss shepherds in Luxembourg.

As the WSL, we won’t only organize a dogshow, but we will also try to give you an impression of our little but very special country.

So we’ve chosen one of the most beautiful regions in Luxembourg, which is known as the „Little Luxembourgian Switzerland“, for our show. We really recommend you to extend your stay in Luxembourg and use the opportunity to go for impressive walks with your dog(s) in Berdorf and its surroundings.

As everybody knows, you can’t get a fully impression of a culture/country without trying its traditional food. We’ll be serving Kniddelen! The fantastic batter boules are one of the most oldest and traditional receipes in Luxembourg. You’ll have the choice between 3 different kind of preparation for only 5€. Of course you’ll have the possibility to taste our Luxemburgish beer, wine and softdrinks.

So, come and see. :-)